Hi! It’s me, Yaroslava, and this is the story of my life…so far! First, you can call me Slava because that’s what my friends call me. Please don’t call me Yaro…I really really don’t like it! Did you know in Russian, Shvedova means Swede so I must have Viking blood in me! :) And if you split my name into two parts Yaraya means fervent or zealous and Slavnaya means nice. So I’m a very nice girl! :) On it’s own, Slava means glory, fame and honour.

I was born on a cold autumn day on September 12, 1987 in Moscow. Actually I’m joking…I have no idea if it was cold or not. But I’m sure my parents remember! My dad is Vyacheslav and he’s a professional coach. My mom is Nurziya and she was a professional runner and world champion at the 100km ultra marathon. So now I’m sure you can guess how they met! My mom moved to Moscow to train and my dad was her coach and 3 months later they got married…very fast work! ☺ First came my brother Pavel who is 4.5 years older than me (he’s a political journalist now in Moscow and likes animation) and then came me.

I started playing tennis just for fun when I was about 6, then when I was 8 my dad (who coaches tennis and running) started coaching me. I’ve had quite a few different coaches throughout my career but my dad still stays involved in helping with my tennis. I have represented Kazakhstan since 2008 when they asked me if I would play for them. For me it was a great opportunity to play in the Olympics and on the Fed Cup team and to be a top player for the country. I am very proud to play for Kazakhstan and it’s great that we are becoming a recognised tennis country now. When I’m in Astana I train at the National Tennis Centre and when I’m in Moscow I train at the CSKA club.

Tennis is my career and I love it, but I also love every type of sports activity, except curling. But that’s just because I’ve never tried curling…I’m sure I’ll love that too one day when I try it! I will let you know! People always want to know what my favourite surface is to play on but I like all surfaces and I just adapt my game to suit the surface. I am a universal player! ;)

Obviously I spend a lot of time on tennis with tournaments and practice and fitness training, but I love lots of different things and always try to keep life interesting and fun in my spare time. So visit the Gallery and Something Fun pages to see what I’m up to off the court.

Thanks for your support!


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